Adult Coloring book Halloween FREE printables

Adult Coloring book Halloween FREE printables Autumn is my favorite time of the year. I love to color with my children and NOW I color with my grand-daughters. ITS a true gift. To combine both hobb…

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Adult Coloring book Halloween FREE printables

Adult Coloring book Halloween FREE printables

Autumn is my favorite time of the year. I love to color with my children and NOW I color with my grand-daughters. ITS a true gift.

To combine both hobbies and LOVES , Halloween and coloring is the best.

I have created a very special adult coloring book Just for the Halloween season.

I already ordered a few copies as soon as I start coloring in them, I will post pictures and of course a video.

BUT if you want your own free printable copies emailed to you simply email me at

I would love it if you shared with me how you created my very special #halloween coloring pages.

LOts of LOVE


THIS is a small Glimpse of my coloring book creations.

I had so much fun creating the witches sexy feet and shows had to add some fun kitties, and the the witch’s only hat. LIKE a witch’s only member area LOVE it.

PLEASE share with friends I am planning on some Halloween #Adultcoloring book #giveaways.

Email Readings (approx 1,000 words $22.00)sacred cross spread approx 3 month predictions up to 6 months

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You can see the pictures of my sacred space and altars.

You can see my beautiful angel in the picture below HOW he shows his angelic aura in Golden wings.

You can also see my rainbow energy aura around me in one of the pictures below.

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MONEY SPELL from the New Moon energy… I start tonight creating the actual MONEY spell energy, then when you order I add a little of you… Your beautiful energy along with the angels of prosperity and Fairies of manifesting for your MONEY FLOW.
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Diary of a successful psychic

Diary of a successful online psychic:
If someone would have told me ten years ago “Daisy you will be successful by working as an online psychic”.
I would have laughed. Yet here I am today in late august 2014 making an amazing living from my purpose and passion.
I am sharing this not to gloat because that’s not my thing but to share how someone that came from nothing has come such a long way and is truly living a joyful, abundant, healthy life.
If you are here to gain knowledge on how you can be a successful psychic, I send you blessings and lots of abundance.
If you’re a mom and want to read someone else’s life experience (I know I love those too) then welcome.
Within this Blog I will share my daily life, my evolving from home to dream home. How not only did I write “HOW TO MANIFEST MONEY”
But I practice all the laws and techniques each day and I have taught and I am teaching my children and grandchildren.
I love writing and I love being a mom, grandmother, I love being a psychic because my readings come from the angels, amazing loving spiritual guides, elementals, and passed loved ones. They see the greatest we can achieve therefore give us the most loving advice, predictions, among the many; many different readings I have sent and done for many of my clients.
I know ,,, I know you want to know how much I make. Or if I am rich and if I am living a luxurious life?
Well, not yet. I am successful because I am doing what I absolutely love and making more money than if I worked tedious hours in a so called nine to five.
I am successful because if I want to take a week off to do absolutely nothing I can.
I create my own hours, I get to travel, I spend daily valuable time with my family and that my friend is what I call success

What do you call success?
Well that is for you and that is probably why you are here. You want to learn from me and my personal techniques and ideas. Then you will incorporate those ideas into your own prosperous life. You will probably become really “RICH” because that is what you more than likely desire.
And you can, you can be very rich from being a psychic, but I don’t have to tell you this because ,,, you already know.
Let’s see… There’s Chip Coffey, and Doreen Virtue, RIP Sylvia Browne, and James Van Praagh, Ummm…. John Edwards and Oh yes Theresa Caputo. Those are a few I have on the tip of my brain.
Oh and Me “””Daisy Fabelo””” …. Of course I am “RICH” and successful.
Now you put your name down too below in the comment section…
Put I am rich “your name”. Because it all starts with that, with a belief that you can easily achieve.
Truth is back in 1999 when I first discovered other women making a living as a psychic; and that it was okay to accept money from your gifts, wow I was mesmerized.
HMMMM I can do this too, BUT here’s why many of us and you too, is not making it… Here’s the key note!!!!
We do nothing about it.
We dream, we say one day I’ll do it. One day I’ll be as famous as Doreen Virtue. I will be on the Oprah Winfrey show. I will have sold millions of copies of my books across the nation in every language.
Well I am here to tell you, today is that day.
Today you will have to start, because that is all you have to do is START.
Everything starts somewhere and by you starting you have put your request to the all mighty, this is what I want. Then you receive synchronized lessons, directions on what’s next.
@When these lessons arrive don’t put them to tomorrow, act upon the “NOW”.
Because Now is what you have and Now will create your future.
Do you follow me so far????
I do not want to overwhelm you with too much info and have you on over load, like a computer that needs some cookies deleted or needs to be rebooted all together.
It’s August 18, 2014 and the planets are aligned to take your request.
You will take out a sheet of paper, a journal, a notebook and make this your INTENTION book. You will then start to write everything you want.
Everything in detail.
Ex. don’t say I want to be a successful psychic.
Say I want to be a successful psychic that makes $xxxxx amount of money a year. I want to take my psychic gifts around the world touching the lives of everyone I come across. I want to write books that will help and guide others to be the very best they can be. I want my eBooks to be on the New York’s time’s best-sellers list for Months at a time before 2015.
You have to be precise in what you desire. Add more details that up there is a poor example of details. But do you the see difference between I want to be a successful psychic to adding all the details?
I guess we will close today’s journal entry with this …..
Dream big and then DREAM BIGGER, do not take no for any answer, and when one door closes, look for the next one. “NEXT” is the word behind the No’s…. There is always a NEXT and one of those NEXT will lead to a YES…

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